Data Carpentry and Open Science

We will be socializing until 7:30am and then we'll do our usual LUG announcements and Linux in the News and talk about last weekend's Southern California Linux Expo. Presentations usually start at 8pm.

If we have at least 30 attendees, we will raffle off leftover booth swag. Every attendee gets a free ticket and you will be able to buy additional tickets at $1 apiece. Funds raised go towards SGVTech expenses, which are primarily Meetup fees and domain name and webhosting.


The open science movement calls for open sharing of research findings and greater trust, transparency, and reuseability in making claims and reporting results. A researcher-to-researcher training community known as Carpentry (Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, and others) has emerged to prepare researchers to practice open science using more open and collaborative practices; open source tools; and openly licensed and distributed methods, data, code.

In this program, the Head of Research Services at the Caltech Library will describe the Carpentry movement; illustrate how lesson development and delivery takes place; and lead participants through a sample interactive lesson from Data Carpentry.

There will be an interactive lesson. Please bring a fully charged laptop.
Installation instructions and lesson outline will be posted ahead of time. OpenX has guest wifi. We will comment in the Meetup, if there are any updates.


Gail P. Clement ( is a Library Administrator and science research librarian who serves as Head of Research Services at the Caltech Library. She leads a team of subject librarians, repository, metadata and licensing specialists who develop knowledge management resources, publishing services, and authorship programs for the Caltech community. In this role she also represents Caltech Library on the Organizational Advisory Assembly for the Research Data Alliance, the Committee on Publication Ethics, and the Overleaf Steering Committee. She is a certified Data Carpentry Instructor, specializing in research data cleaning and enhancement; data sharing; and citation and publication of all research outputs.

As Coordinator of Author Carpentry - a researcher training program in 21st century authorship and publishing - Gail collaborates with developers and researchers to create practical, hands-on, and useful lessons in responsible, reproducible, and reuseable research publication. Author Carpentry builds on a pilot lesson from Software Carpentryon Scientific Authorship. Author Carpentry workshops are offered at Caltech and through professional groups such as the CODATA-RDA Summer School in Research Data Science and the Association for Artificial Intelligence 2017 Tutorial Forum.

Gail's professional leadership includes membership on the Research Data Alliance-CODATA Legal Interoperability of Research Data Interest Group, mentoring researchers from developing nations via AuthorAid; and service on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication (JLSC) where she co-edited the 2015 special issue on data sharing, data publication, and data citation. She also serves on the License Review Committee and the Scholarly Communication Taskforce of the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium


OpenX is located in the One West Bank building @ 888 E Walnut St. Pasadena CA, 91101. Entrances to the building are eastbound on Walnut, right hand side before the Lake St. intersection or southbound on Lake St. right hand side after the Walnut St. intersection. Once through the driveway, please park in the 888 Lot that has the OpenX logo displayed out front. Pull a ticket and bring it with you to the Meetup, we will validate your parking.

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SCALE, Open Mic Night

There is no formal presentation this month. We will have adhoc talks and discussions. We'll also talk about SCALE 15x.

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SCALE, Open Mic Night

There is no formal presentation this month. We will have adhoc talks and discussions including:

  • SCALE 15x - registration, discount code, booth, SCALE A/V volunteers needed

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

  • Experiments with BeagleBone Black and ESP8266 wifi chip

  • (tentative) Raspberry Pi project

  • Survey of desired SGVLUG talks for 2017

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GitHub New Features and Webhooks and API

The wonderful folks at OpenX are hosting this meeting, and they are also providing food. We need to provide a list of names to building security. RSVPs will be capped at 40. Contact Lan if you have questions. See end of description for OpenX map

Note: Our original speaker, Christian Weber, had to cancel, but he sent us another speaker, Jennie Ohyoung, who is also a Solutions Engineer at GitHub. The topic has changed slightly.

Final Note: Our actual speaker was Michelle Unger who was gracious enough to fill in at the last minute. Jennie Ohyoung was unable to make it due to flight cancellation. Much thanks to Jamie Wetzel for coordinating on GitHub side.


We will be covering the new features that were announced at GitHub Universe as well as how GitHub and other organizations use the GitHub's webhooks and API to enhance their existing workflows within GitHub.



7:00pm - People start to arrive and socialize

7:15pm - SGVLUG meeting begins with announcements, Linux in the News

7:30pm - Presentation. (NOTE: Speaker may have to leave early.)

8:45pm - End meeting, clean up


OpenX is located in the One West Bank building @ 888 E Walnut St. Pasadena CA, 91101. Please note that due to construction, there is only one entrance for parking and the Meetup entrance has changed to be off Walnut St. Entrance to the parking structure is currently available only on Lake Ave. Once through the driveway, please park in the 888 Lot that has the OpenX logo displayed out front. (If you park in the wrong structure, we will not be able to validate.) Pull a ticket and bring it with you to the Meetup, we will validate your parking. See map below for details.

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Git Foundations: Basic Concepts and Definitions

This month, we are hosted by Everbridge at their training center.
Everbridge is also sponsoring food and drink.

Note: The GitHub Webhooks talk with Christian Weber originally scheduled for tonight is posponed to Dec. 8th (next LUG meetng) due to speaker illness. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mike Weilgart graciously agreed to be our last-minute substitute with his well-received "Git Foundations: Basic Concepts and Definitions," which was presented at UUASC and LOPSA-LA.


Dozens of commands! Hundreds of options! Git has dumbfounded sysadmins and developers alike since its appearance in 2005. And yet, this ingenious software is among the most fantastically useful ever developed. Learn Git from the ground up and the inside out with Git Foundations Training! This talk explores Git’s internals in depth.


Mike Weilgart has loved maths and computers all his life. Graduating high school at the age of 13, he thereafter worked in a variety of positions including software QA, calculus teacher, and graphic design, before resolving to put his love of computers to professional use as a Linux sysadmin and trainer. Mike currently consults at a Fortune 50 company as an automation specialist, and enjoys nothing more than training people to full mastery of their tools.


  • 7:00pm - People start to arrive and socialize

  • 7:30pm - SGVLUG meeting begins with announcements, Linux in the News, and then the presentation.

  • 9:00pm - End meeting, clean up


The building is on Hudson Ave, between Colorado and Green St. The meeting room is off Hudson, next to the first floor gym with the classic glass walls and gym equipment. You are responsible for your own parking. The onsite parking is very expensive. Please check the Parkopedia link for your options or take public transit.

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3D Printing, What is it good for anyway?

This month, we are hosted by New Matter, a new 3D printing company incubated at Idealab. Please RSVP on Meetup or email Lan (L dot Dang at ymail dot com). We'll head out to Du-Par's Restaurant and Bakery (214 S Lake Ave, Pasadena) around 9:15pm for a late dinner.


Dave Flynn will share his extensive experience with 3D printing from the past 4 years, as well as his motivations for designing and building his own 3D printer. Specifically, his experience is with the RepRap style of 3D printers.

The presentation will be short as Dave much prefers answering questions.

We welcome the 3D printing community--whether they are experts or neophytes-- to share the things they've printed and spark a conversation about what we can do with 3D printing, how to get started, and how 3D printing can be used for art, home, hobby, and work.

Please contact Lan if you are bringing something for show and tell or want to do a lightning talk.


David M. Flynn

Engineer, Technician, Maker

  • 1985 BA Industrial Arts (Metal Technology) CSULA

  • 1987 Paper tape reader emulator, Apple //e, Pascal, 6502 assembly, Wire- wraped I/O Card

  • 1991 Single spindle PCB driller w/ automatic tool change, Mac SE30+, Galil 730

  • 1995 Oxford V.U.E., Inc., Cupric chloride etcher controller (Vis-U-Etch 5), TTL logic

  • 1999 Vis-U-Etch 7, PIC16F877 based w/ ethernet

  • 2012 First 3D printer (Bukobot 1, Deezmaker), Cable drive, Arduino Mega based.

  • 2012-2015 Lots-o-stuff, Tank, Nerf cannon, Robots, etc.

  • 2015 Designed and built a screw drive rep-rap 3D printer, Arm M3, Smoothieware.

  • 2016 Update and upgrade of 3D printer. Beaglebone (Arm A8), Replicape, Redeem.


Idealab is located is located on Union Street near Pasadena Avenue in Old Town Pasadena. Parking is not provided; you advised to park at one of the Pasadena city lots. You can also check Parkopedia for more detailed parking options.

Idealab is host to many companies, including New Matter. We are meeting in the large open are known as Darwin; you will be escorted by New Matter employees.


6:30pm - Setup

7:00pm - People start to arrive and socialize

7:30pm - SGVLUG meeting begins with announcements, Linux in the News, and then the presentation

9:00pm - End meeting, clean up, and then head over to Du-Par's

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