SGVLUG is one of the oldest and most active Linux User Groups in the Greater Los Angeles area. In addition to Linux, the group also shares interests in other free and open source software, all forms of technology, and the discussion of issues that arise with the these new tools, such as privacy rights. SGVLUG attracts members from throughout LA County including Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, and eastward throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Our members include software developers, system administrators, hardware engineers, and software users of all levels of experience. Many work in the technology field as employees, contractors or consultants, and enjoy the learning and networking opportunities available from the group. We also have many members that serve as volunteers of their time and skills at various local events, including the annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE).


SGVLUG was founded by Gunther Schleinkofer and other local Linux users on Nov. 11, 1995. It first met in his small abode in Altadena where attendance was only a few in his small living room. There was no program, people just sat and talked and Gunther was the leader. This form of organized chaos would become an unlikely formula for governing the group. Around early 1998, the group moved its meetings to Fuller Theological Seminary at the invitation from IT people at Fuller. The first meetings at Fuller were around a large table but it soon moved to an auditorium where speakers presented programs. Thus the meeting format changed from informal discussion to presentation.

There was a lot of talk about organizing formally and a Steering Committee meeting of 11 people was held on September 3, 1998. No consensus was reached on how to organize or if we needed to formally organize. But certain people volunteered for certain tasks (secretary, publicity, meeting room, etc.). Thus a trend was born of functional anarchy. In 1999, Tom Emerson began to moderate meetings until his passing in 2011.

Late in 2000 we began meeting at Caltech, first in the basement of Moore, then the Guggenheim building and finally in Downs. In September 2012 we began the SGVHAK hardware hacking special interest group. In January of 2014 we lost access to Caltech and began meeting at Burger Continental, a location we had long used for after-meeting dinners. After a reorganizing meeting then we launched a Meetup group, and also recognized the other special interest groups that were developing with other LUG members such as the SGVHAK and Pasadena Ubuntu Hour to form the umbrella Meetup group SGVTech.


What do we believe in?

  • The free exchange of ideas
  • Promoting free/libre/open source software
  • Getting the most out of our equipment
  • DIY
  • Helping improve our member’s skills
  • Connect employers with potential employees


We typically meet at Dupars in Pasadena on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Occasionally we meet at the OpenX headquarters. Meeting notices are generally posted to Meetup first and then published on the website. Please see the latest announcement on our website or our Meetup group for each month's meeting location.