SGVHAK & Repair Cafe & JPL Open Source Rover @ DTLA Mini Maker Faire

SGVHAK, Repair Cafe, and the JPL Open Source Rover will have collocated booths at the DTLA Mini Maker Faire. We will be located on the lawn of Maguire Garden close to library entrance.

It is shaping to be a huge event with nearly a hundred makers--many of them from the San Gabriel Valley--who will be exhibiting, doing workshops, giving talks, and even performing. There will be exhibits inside the beautiful Central Library and outside in Maguire Garden.

Please RSVP on Eventbrite for free tickets, whether you're coming as an attendee or to help us at our booth. They had a group registration option, so I made an SGVHAK group.

What to expect:

JPL Open Source Rover booth will feature

  • SGVHAK Rover
  • JPL Open Source Rover
  • Santa Susana HS rover
  • Roger Cheng's Sawppy.

Additionally, there will be talks on the JPL Open Source Rover and Sawppy from 2:30 to 3:30pm at the KLOS's Children's Theater (Children's Literature, 2nd floor) .

Also, JPL will have STEM activities and swag, and IPAC has a 4-minute Trappist-1 VR experience on the Oculus Rift. There will be a demonstration of the science behind the OCO-2 mission.

SGVHAK and Repair Cafe hands-on activities

  • hard drive disassembly with platters repurposed for art projects or Christmas ornaments
  • paper circuits with copper tape and LEDs

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Javascript Sucks and So Do You

Join us for a humorous conversation about JavaScript sins and how to write better code. If you enjoy these types of talks, please see Michael and Carlos afterwards about more meetups on good software design.


JavaScript, like all computer languages, has its flaws. It at times subtly encourages programmers to commit unabsolvable crimes against the computing world. It drags new programmers into the abyss of bad practice with the madness of Lisp and the folly of QuickBasic. Together we shall journey into the darkness surrounding JavaScript and shine our light into it.

Attendees should expect to learn a bit about the downside to JavaScript and some of the bad practices that arise. We will then improve our JavaScript code by establishing good patterns using modern JavaScript and an understanding of software design principles. If nothing else attendees shall be thoroughly entertained, and all will rag on JavaScript just a wee bit.


Michael Starch in an Engineer. He has used JavaScript professionally for many years, and has committed every sin in JavaScript's tomb of Evil. He has often searched for order amongst the chaotic statements of JavaScript, and brings his methods for your consideration. He is by no means an authority on JavaScript, but he will step up and speak with authority anyway. You shall be entertained.

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SGVTech Open House - Connect Week 2018

Please join us at our Open House and find out more about our individual groups, our regular meetings and upcoming projects. This is part of Connect Week Oct 20-28.


Pizza is sponsored by Goldstar. Drinks and venue provided by Corporate Center Pasadena.


This is your chance to satisfy your curiosity about all our Meetups.

It's also a great opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the Southern California Linux Expo -- participate, volunteer, speak. Reminder that the Call for Papers ends Oct 31st!

  • Learn more about the SCALE A/V team and check out our custom computers. We are recruiting.

  • Get a demo of the recently upgraded SGVHAK rover.

  • Get free t-shirts from previous SCALEs


We are an umbrella Meetup group that includes:

You can join us on Slack using this invitation:

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How to Bring a Project to Open Source

Join us for a stimulating discussion on what it means to be open source.


"My code is available online on so it's open source".

Is that really true ?

This talk aims to cover what does it mean to be truly open source, including topics like:

  • Motivations to go open source
  • What, why, how and when to be open source
  • Building and sustaining a community


Sujen, an open source enthusiast, got involved with contributing to open source projects while pursuing his masters at USC and currently works at JPL.

He is a member of the Apache Software Organization and in the Project Management Committee (PMC) of Apache Nutch and Apache OODT projects.

Over the past couple of years he has been involved with contributing towards open source efforts within JPL and projects at DARPA.

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Using Linux While Blind

Meet us for dinner and a presentation, with dinner beginning at 7pm and presentations starting around 7:45 to 8pm.

Chime Hart will present on using Linux while blind:

I want to explain a 25-year journey of using computers while blind. In reality, a better way of understanding would be just navigating with only keyboard-and-speech for an hour or more.

I will go over the challenges and the many joys along the way - from discovering DOS, being dragged through windows, and finally 15 years as a Linux user.

I look forward to any questions along the way

-- Chime worked 35 years at GTE/Verizon, originally helping them with inconsistencies in dialing related with translations. He is an 'extreme news-junkie', and enjoys diverse types of music. Earlier he did some College Radio in New Jersey and Boston. Radio has always been in his blood, especially formatics and many jingles.

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Cloud Automation Using Terraform and Ansible

This month, we are hosted by Everbridge at their training center. Everbridge is also sponsoring food and drink.


The software lifecycle does not end when the developer packages their code and makes it ready for deployment. The delivery of this code is an integral part of shipping a product. Infrastructure orchestration and resource configuration should follow a similar lifecycle (and process) to that of the software delivered on it. In this talk, we will discuss how to use Terraform and Ansible for automating your infrastructure and software delivery.

Terraform is an Infrastructure-as-Code tool for building, managing and versioning your infrastructure. It allows you to provision and orchestrate your resources effectively while ensuring that all your resources configured the way you defined in your code. We will see a practical example of deploying a complete AWS environment using Terraform.

Ansible is an automation tool that excels at configuration management and application deployment. We will use Ansible and AWX (the open source version of Ansible Tower) to configure our resources, deploy applications and perform patch management.


Rami Al-Ghanmi - Principal Software Engineer, Symantec Corporation

Rami is a virtual member of SGVLUG and the DevOps technical lead for Endpoint Protection Cloud products at Symantec Corporation where he works on building, deploying and managing security infrastructure and services on AWS. Also, he is an outspoken advocate of Open Source Software, tools and practices within Symantec.


The building is on Hudson Ave, between Colorado and Green St. The meeting room is off Hudson, next to the first floor gym with the classic glass walls and gym equipment. You are responsible for your own parking. The onsite parking is very expensive. Please check the Parkopedia link for your options or take public transit.


7:00pm - People start to arrive and socialize

7:30pm - SGVLUG meeting begins with announcements, Linux in the News, and then the presentation

9:00pm - End meeting, clean up, and then head over to Du-Par's (214 S Lake Ave, Pasadena) to socialize further.

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