Working with Data in the Unix Shell

Join us for our monthly LUG meeting, featuring some very interesting shell data tools written by this month's speaker, Dima Kogan.

The UNIX shell is a useful environment to get work done. There're a number of standard, simple tools that talk to each other via a universal interface: the pipeline. This talk focuses on methods to manipulate and visualize data directly in the shell, without moving to specialized environments (numpy, matlab, etc). Specifically I will demonstrate and describe

  • feedgnuplot - a tool plot data coming in on STDIN
  • vnlog - a toolkit to read, write and manipulate columnar ASCII data

These are independent tools that are useful standalone, but with shell piping are EXTRA useful together and in conjunction with other standard UNIX tools. This unification of data processing and normal shell usage enable powerful workflows that are otherwise unavailable.


Dima Kogan - Robotics Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dima is a long-time user and contributor to various Free Software projects. He lives in the shell inside Emacs on his Debian box, and is constantly looking for ways to save keystrokes. He plays with robotics tools during the day, and tries to give away as much of his work as possible.

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You and your friends and family are invited to the SGVLUG & SGVHAK potluck BBQ on Saturday, July 7th from 4pm to 9pm to Lan's house in the city of San Gabriel.

Details on the Google form. Please RSVP before July 5th:

OpenVPN, SSH Agents and VPNFilter vulnerability

Michael Starch will give an informal talk about OpenVPN, SSH agents, and the recent VPNFilter vulnerability in routers. You are welcome to share your own security tips.

Dinner begins around 7pm and the presentation will start after most people have received their food or 8pm, whichever comes first. Buying dinner is optional.


He's a red-headed baker,
a tinker, a maker,
an engineering fool
who can learn any tool.

He's a teacher who inspires
the next generation who aspires.

He'll be teaching us security to avoid the woes
of leaving our devices open to any foes.

He totally did not write this bio.

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JPL Open Source Rover

Eric Junkins, a Software Systems Engineer with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will talk about the JPL Open Source Rover. SGVHAK is one of the beta build groups for this project, so we have lots to discuss and show off.


The JPL Open Source Rover is an open source robotics project aimed at STEM education at the high school level. The robot is designed to have the same mechanical suspension and steering mechanism that the Mars rovers employ. This project teaches many aspects that go into robotics, with aspects in mechanical and electrical design/engineering, and software development. At this point we have had a few beta test groups on our build instructions, and after refienment of those are quickly approaching the release date. Eric will be talking about the project, its' background, and is hoping to get feedback from some members who have had lots of experience in the Open Source realm.

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Raspberry Pi

Dr. Sam Coleman will share his experiences with the Raspberry Pi.


The raspberry pi computer has become one of the most versatile computer platforms in the world. However few people truly understand what can be done with this $35 single board computer. In this presentation I'll share with you a few of the projects that I have put together using this inexpensive ARM based computer. The presentation will conclude with a brief Q and A session.

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