There won't be any food at the venue aside from some cookies in honor of Valentine's Day. Eat beforehand or bring your own dinner/beverage.

This month, James Mertz is giving a sneak preview of a talk he will be giving at an upcoming conference. Come prepared to give feedback.


Today, developers and users of Python are being attacked on a daily basis, most of the time, without their knowledge. We need to be more aware of these attacks and weaknesses to make more educated design decisions for our Python code.

In this talk we’ll go over some of the major vulnerabilities we face when it comes to developing Python application and cybersecurity principles. We’ll also cover different ways to protect yourself from these attacks.


James grew up staring at the stars with awe wondering what opportunities await to be discovered. Now he works at his dream job for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory helping to further our understanding of the cosmos. When he isn’t working (aka building robots), James can be found studying for his second master’s in Cyber Security, writing articles for, or teaching Intro to Python at the local community college in Pasadena. He is frequently seen at Disneyland, the beach, and the dog park alongside his wife of 10 years, 2 kids, and trusty dog SamWise.

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