We're ending the year with a great venue and some light refreshments and hot tea and hot chocolate. In addition to coming for the presentation, please come and share your ideas about SGVTech and SGVLUG for 2020.

The venue is open by 6:30pm, but our meeting will start at 7pm. The conference facility is behind the restaurants on Lake, between Citibank of Del Mar and Urban Plates. We will have a sign in front of venue.

This is a joint meetup with Write the Docs LA


Kate Sammons and Spencer Sullivan will present on the work they did to improve the documentation for the open source NASA/JPL Hybrid Cloud Science Data System (HySDS). They participated in the JPL Student Independent Research Internship (SIRI) program.


We will talk about how to contribute to open source, our plans for SCaLE, and what kinds of talks we want for SGVLUG for 2020.

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