The wonderful folks at OpenX are hosting this meeting, and they are also providing pizza. We need to provide a list of names to building security. RSVPs will be capped at 80. Contact Lan if you have questions.


In this talk Dr. Corbett Moran will discuss the challenges and rewards of instructing a mixed skill class in an apprenticeship style learning environment.

On June 26-August 4, 2017 she led a summer program, Summer App Space, for LA students and teachers to learn programming while getting paid to do fun space-related projects. Her work on this was supported by NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship award AST-1501208. Summer App Space is a paid apprenticeship where high school students are paid to attend a six week school learning to program in Python and the fundamentals of Linux, 20 hours per week. Four weeks are lecture and lab based, and the last two weeks are project based incorporating a deliverable product and entrepreneurial style teams.


Dr. Corbett Moran is the lead curriculum designer, recruiter and instructor for the Summer App Space (SAS) 2017 program. She brings to the table extensive experience in running such programs from a teaching, technology, organizational, scientific and industry connection perspective.

She taught introductory and advanced courses in MIT MEET: Middle East Education Through Technology for two summers. MEET is a gifted high school program in which she taught Java programming and mobile app development in a project, lecture, and guest speaker format. MEET's mission is creating a common professional language between Israeli and Palestinian young leaders. Dr. Corbett Moran served as the lead technical instructor in MIT's Global Startup labs in the Philippines for a summer to students from a variety of backgrounds and socio-economic status in the Manila area in a highly similar format to that planned for SAS. She has organized speakers and technology for TEDxZurich as well as hackathons for Open WhisperSystems and a site of the NASA Space Apps Challenge, on which she is basing SAS projects.

Dr. Corbett Moran dually majored in Physics and Computer Science at MIT, obtained a Master's and Ph.D. focusing on Computational Astrophysics at UZH, and her NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship research is at the intersection of the two. She has worked for SpaceX as an intern in Propulsion Analysis and has over 10 years of industry programming experience in cutting-edge web and mobile technologies. Dr. Corbett Moran has served as a teaching assistant and lab assistant for 8 courses, spoken around the globe as a highly praised public speaker, and mentored several students. Dr. Corbett Moran's participation has been enabled by NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship award AST-1501208.


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