Monthly meeting.

Topic: Data Ownership - How I (mostly) wrestled control of my data from evil
corporate overlords

Speaker: Charles N Wyble

Charles Wyble is a systems and security engineer. His focus in 2010 is
security research, with a particular emphasis on improving performance of
automated analytic systems. In support of this, he does a lot of networking
stuff and is in the process of building a malware lab.

He lives in sunny southern California, with his wife Patricia and 2 dogs ISIS
and OSPF. Yes they are named after routing protocols. He frequently hosts
hacker parties, where all sorts of cool stuff gets built. You will often find
him at various hot startups doing consulting, and at numerous user group
meetings throughout the southwestern United States.

Charles Wyble will be joining the SGVLUG group once again and discussing the
topic of data ownership / private cloud.

Owning ones data is a critical and often overlooked part of security. As such, he will discuss how he maintains numerous web properties on a Linux server at
his residence, connected to the best DSL ATT has to offer.

He has recently completed moving all his data onto his own server, freeing it
(mostly) from the control of google,yahoo etc. It was a relatively
straightforward process, encompassing 4 major phases. He will talk about the
tools he utilizes, and advantages/disadvantages to his setup and some of the
problems he encountered.

Date: Thursday March 11, 2010 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Downs 107