A Case Study in Open Source Software Development

For three years the speaker ran a small technology startup company developing
new ways of visualizing and exploring huge datasets, like, for example, the
entire routing structure of the internet, or tens of thousands of documents.

This talk will cover real-world experiences with the broad variety of Open
Source software which made the project possible. Dependencies included Boost,
CMake, OpenSceneGraph, khtml, gecko, Firefox plugins, GraphViz, lighttpd,
Xerces DOM, and more. Theses building blocks were in many cases pushed to (and beyond) their limits, deployed in a cross-platform Linux and Windows
environment, and compiled with GCC and MSVC++. We will cover lessons learned,
better alternatives, and other findings.

Braddock Gaskill is CEO and co-founder of Dockside Vision Inc, an advanced
information visualization and human-computer interface company. Prior to
founding Dockside Vision, Mr. Gaskill had over ten years of experience as a
technology consultant in both the defense and commercial sectors. His
expertise spans the fields of information visualization, collaborative
systems, machine vision, information assurance, and robotics control, and
includes publications in ballistics simulation, a patent in cryptographic
authentication, and multiple pending patents in visualization techniques.

Date: Thursday January 14, 2010 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Downs 107