PGP is an amazing tool for verification and encryption. However, many people
don't fully understand it-even people who use it. This talk mostly will cover
uses and effects of PGP. The discussion will focus on PGP and e-mail, and
other topics will be covered as well. How cryptography works and the math
behind it will not be covered.

Keysigning party

One of the key features of PGP is the "web of trust" that grows out of
individuals signing each other's keys as a way of validating that the
keyholder is indeed the "owner" of the key. We encourge you to create a key
(if you don't already have one), post it to a public keyserver, and bring your "fingerprint" to the meeting for a keysigning party.

About the presenter

Phil Dibowitz is a UNIX systems administrator for the web systems team at
Ticketmaster. The web systems team manages the
infrastructure: roughly 1500 Linux systems organized in four independent,
redundant, and geographically seperate clusters across the United States. Phil has worked as a Linux, Solaris, and Network Administrator, and has a BS in
Computer Engineering and Computer Science from USC. He is also the author of
iptstate(1), co-founder of the MSS Initiative, and works on IP Filter and the
USB Storage driver in theLlinux kernel. Find out more about Phil Dibowitz at

Date: Thursday April 13, 2006 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Downs 107