This month, we are hosted by Everbridge at their training center. Everbridge is also sponsoring food and drink.


Rust is a new and exciting systems programming language promising strong typing, cost free abstractions, and fearless concurrency. Some of these hard problems have plagued all programming languages for years. We'll talk about why Rust helps you think about other programming languages more accurately, why Rust helps you communicate with your team, and how you can help test some actual Rust code every day to help the Mozilla foundation improve Firefox.


Clint Byrum - Senior Cloud Engineer, GoDaddy

Clint has spent decades in the tech industry, using, developing, and maintaining Free and Open Source software. He is an active member of the Ubuntu, MySQL, Gearman, Debian and OpenStack communities. If it's not in version control, Clint does not know it exists. When not evangelizing continuous delivery, writing tests, automating deployments, and developing code in Python, C, Rust, Ansible, and/or Bash, he spends time raising his 4 children, playing Roller Hockey and doing CrossFit in Los Angeles.


The building is on Hudson Ave, between Colorado and Green St. The meeting room is off Hudson, next to the first floor gym with the classic glass walls and gym equipment. You are responsible for your own parking. The onsite parking is very expensive. Please check the Parkopedia link for your options or take public transit.


7:00pm - People start to arrive and socialize

7:30pm - SGVLUG meeting begins with announcements, Linux in the News, and then the presentation

9:00pm - End meeting, clean up, and then head over to Du-Par's (214 S Lake Ave, Pasadena) to socialize further.

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