The Young Man and the C Reloaded

What if I told you that most or all nontrivial C and C++ programs you have ever written were just illusions? Most such programs contain undefined behavior, and undefined behavior is at the heart of most C and C++ security problems, yet few programmers understand how far down that rabbit hole goes. We will swallow the red pill and study the nature and extent of undefined behavior in C and C++, techniques for writing more secure, reliable C and C++ in spite of the reality of undefined behavior and other mischief, and little-used compiler flags and other tools to detect and/or eliminate bugs.

Dustin Laurence Bio

Intending to become a programmer ("developer" hadn't been invented by the marketing department yet), Dustin got sidetracked and spent more time than he cares to admit doing theoretical physics, a background filled with continuous mathematics almost entirely irrelevant to computer science. He eventually returned to his original love of programming, and though they probably won't admit it currently hacks code for Whitemoon Dreams, Inc. He avoids social media for the same reason he doesn't do crack cocaine.

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