One of the many strengths of Linux is that it runs on commodity hardware from an extensive PC ecosystem. We have the freedom to assemble components in a way that is customized for our own specific needs. And now we can easily continue our customization to the physical form factor, thanks to recent advances lowering the cost of fabrication technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting. Not just the cosmetic art of the "case mod" audience, either: motivated tinkerers can build functionally useful creations and share them with the world.

We will walk through several custom computer projects, starting with the "Luggable PC" seen at recent SGVLUG meetups. Each project has its own motivation, design constraints, and undergo several iterations to refine the idea. The latest version of each project will be available for hands-on examination, some accompanied by their predecessors to show design evolution.


Roger Cheng grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and studied Computer Science at UCLA. Upon graduation he moved out of town for a 16 year career in (closed- source) commercial software development. Seeking a change of pace, he quit and moved back. Now he is having a great time exploring the world of open-source and meeting local enthusiasts.

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