strace: Practical Application Troubleshooting...
using the tool we all love to hate.

The Presentation will cover the Linux command line utility 'strace' and some of it's many uses. It will cover the basics of Linux System Calls and their use. The presentation will use examples throughout to provide genuine use-cases for the tool. The Presentation is focused on Practical Application Troubleshooting, it will not be an in-depth guide to the various System Calls. I will demonstrate many techniques that can help you to gain a deeper understanding of application execution flow on a Linux system.

Speaker: David Rodriguez -- otherwise known as... ‘D Rod’
Currently working as Linux Systems Engineer -- managing various types of Linux servers (Web App, DB, Chef, Nagios, etc.)
3+ years as a Linux Systems Engineer
5+ years as a Windows Systems Engineer
10+ years as a Linux User
B.S. in Information Systems Security & A.S. in Computer and Electronic Engineering
Strong Advocate for Open Source
I like to break web applications... :-)

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012 @ 7 pm
Location: Caltech - Downs 107