Filling the Digital Divide with Offline Content: Six ways to deliver a library anywhere for under $90


Off-line content is reading material, educational texts, and other reference
materials delivered on media such as SDCards, DVDs, custom hardware, or hard
drives so that it can be used without internet access. A typical deployment
can deliver the equivalent of tens of thousands of printed books. The cost to
deliver large off-line libraries has fallen below the cost to deliver online
internet access in most areas. Off-line content thus provides a cost effective way to provide access to the world's knowledge before affordable internet
infrastructure is available. This presentation reviews six emerging projects
which aim to provide off-line hardware and libraries, including the author's
creation, the $20 Humane Reader

Braddock Gaskill is CEO and co-founder of Dockside Vision Inc, an advanced
information visualization and human-computer interface company. Prior to
founding Dockside Vision, Mr. Gaskill had over ten years of experience as a
technology consultant in both the defense and commercial sectors. His
expertise spans the fields of information visualization, collaborative
systems, electronics design, machine vision, information assurance, and
robotics control, and includes publications in ballistics simulation, a patent in crytographic authentication, and multiple pending patents in visualization

Date: Thursday October 14, 2010 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Downs 107