MySQL replication. MySQL Replication is the means by which one or more MySQL
databases can keep data synchronized with a master server. The scope of
replicated data can cover any range, whether a single table, or
indiscriminately all the databases on the master server. MySQL Replication is
beginning to find progressively more exposure in corporate production
environments, where it sees use from providing hot backups, to distributing
access load amongst large numbers of users. Solomon Chang will cover four main topics:
Requirements of MySQL Replication
Concepts of MySQL Replication
Configuring MySQL Replication
Troubleshooting MySQL Replication

Soloman will provide a master to replicate from, so attendees are encouraged
to bring their own computers running MySQL (4.1 or later, please) to configure as a hands-on slave. Attendees will also have full access to Solomon's master. If there is time, more advanced topics will be discussed:
Pyramid Architectures
Dual Masters
Circular Replication
Circular Replication of Masters

About the Speaker.

Solomon Chang, a MySQL-certified DBA, practices his skills at and has been involved with LAMPsig since its inception in 2003. He is also
currently co-authoring the MySQL Cluster Certification Guide by MySQL Press.

Date: Thursday October 12, 2006 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Downs 107