Matt Ingenthron from Sun Microsystems will review Sun's involvement in the
various open source communities and talk a bit about the latest, greatest hunk of intellectual property Sun's released to the wild: OpenSolaris.

Matt will discuss OpenSolaris's goals, how licensing works (and why you
shouldn't be afraid of it) and how to get involved. This meeting will also
cover what OpenSolaris is (and isn't) and have a brief demo. Take a look at before attending to develop your own
questions about the project.

Matt is a Technical Specialist for Sun Microsystems and supports a variety of
customers across the Western US. Based in Los Angeles, Matt has worked with a
number of customers on Linux and Solaris adoption and migration from other
platforms. Matt is part of the Web Services practice of the Client Solutions
organization which specializes in use of Java Enterprise System software use
by customers on both platforms.

Date: Thursday September 8, 2005 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Downs 107