Bin Feng, the co-founder and CEO of Microduino, will talk about lowering the barrier of entry and inspiring creativity for STEAM education.

"I was monitoring a server room's temperature, but getting tired of going to the room every, single, time. I used Arduino to create a device that would do the job for me. However, it involved messy wiring, dangerous soldering, and complicated coding. And so an idea was born. I wanted to create something that anyone could use to imagine a product and immediately just build it. The very first set of Microduino modules was designed to lower the barriers to creativity for everyone. We're giving people the freedom to give shape to their ideas."

The company creates the world's smallest Arduino-compatible smart modules. These modules are flexible, stackable and powerful, and can be used to create a limitless amount of DIY projects for all ages.

To date, Bin has raised over $500,000 across four Microduino crowdfunding projects and built up Microduino's community from 0 to 1,000,000+ members and students. Bin is dedicated to making Microduino a significant international success by creating an educational platform that fits seamlessly into the global STEM/STEAM education discipline.


Bin Feng is the Co-Founder and CEO of Microduino, an international company of makers and creators aimed at bringing easy-to- use electronics hardware to makers, designers, engineers, students and curious tinkerers of all ages and levels. Microduino presents the world's smallest series of Arduino-compatible smart modules that are small, flexible, stackable and powerful, and can be used to create a limitless amount of DIY projects.

With over 15 years' experience in technology and business, Bin has a passion for Microduino and is highly motivated to make the Microduino a huge success.

Bin holds Bachelor's degree in Electronics Materials from Fudan Univ. , and Master's degree in ECE from UCSD. His graduate research was in semiconductor device design, fabrication, and characterization.

Bin resides in Los Angeles, California.

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