This month, we are hosted by Everbridge at their training center. Everbridge is also sponsoring food and drink.


Protecting your digital identity, passwords, and browsing activity is difficult in the world of open Wifi networks, freeware, and advanced advertising techniques based on tracking users across the web. While complete privacy is not possible while connected to the internet, there are many things you can do to make access to your personal data more difficult. This presentation will focus on the basics of internet security, how to begin protecting your network and your data, and why it's so important. We will focus on the two most prominent (and easiest to fix) security vulnerabilities: encrypting your browsing on external networks using OpenVPN, and blocking advertising and tracking as early as possible using Pi-Hole.


Andrew Witchger is the Chief Technology Officer at Federal Hearings and Appeals, Inc. (FHAS), the largest independent provider of medical appeals services nationwide. Andrew has lead new initiatives to incorporate software solutions to the aging medical appeal systems. His current projects aim to disrupt the way healthcare and insurance firms process claims by leveraging machine learning techniques. Prior to FHAS, Andrew was a research scientist focusing in cryogenics and particle physics.


The building is on Hudson Ave, between Colorado and Green St. The meeting room is off Hudson, next to the first floor gym with the classic glass walls and gym equipment. You are responsible for your own parking. The onsite parking is very expensive. Please check the Parkopedia link for your options or take public transit.


7:00pm - People start to arrive and socialize

7:30pm - SGVLUG meeting begins with announcements, Linux in the News, and then the presentation

9:00pm - End meeting, clean up, and then head over to Du-Par's (214 S Lake Ave, Pasadena) to socialize further.

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