We will cover how to set up and define your home IT services from code. Topics covered will range from installing the puppet master service, through setting up the agent service, to defining common service modules in a RedHat based environment. Cross platform topics, including writing modules to support Windows and Ubuntu, will be covered in as much detail as interest permits.


Matt Campbell has been active in technology and electronics since the late 80s in a variety of roles. His background spans technical expertise in Unix OS and kernel design, the marriage of art and technology in feature film special effects, and delivery of solutions on cloud, database, virtualized, and mobile platforms.

Matt's first company was founded on principles similar to modern dev-ops practices. Defining the data structures of DVD authoring by developing a language describing the desired layout and interaction allowed the studio to deliver products for a fraction of the cost of competitors while supporting interactivity unavailable to the major studios at the time.

Currently a corporate technology strategist, he is defining services for a post cloud world with a 200,000-employee organization facing billion dollar technology budgets and rapid growth.

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