Monthly meeting.

When you mention "running more than one operating system" on a computer, most
people will think "dual boot", and for a wide variety of tasks that is quite
appropriate. But how many of you have thought of running more than one system
at the same time? Sure, you're only "one person," so why should the computer
act like you were two people doing different things?

Well, you might not want to reboot your machine -- especially if you have a
long-running task going on such as "seti at home" (since rebooting will cause
the "work unit" to be lost.) You might be a developer, and you're working on
something intended to be "cross platform" -- if every "rebuild-and-test" cycle included "reboot the machine", you'd tire of it rather quickly. Or perhaps you have two programs, each of which runs under a different OS, but you need to
refer to the output of one program while working on the other.

If this describes you and you haven't heard of VMware, then you need to attend the February SGVLUG meeting. This month we'll have Phil Anthony, a Sr. Systems Engineer from VMware, here to talk about what VMware has to offer -- he plans
to talk about the entier line -- from the ESX server to the workstation to
their newest offering, the "free" VMware player. (this is "free as in beer",

Date: Thursday February 9, 2006 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Downs 107